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photos speak louder than words

The first impression of your property to the clients someone determines whether they buy it or not. Photos change impressions much faster and much more accurately than words can.

A well portrayed photo provides compelling selling points to the clients and it allows you to connect with and invoke a delightful feeling for buyers. The right pictures will only enhance that connection.

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With more than 5,000 local clients, our well-trained team keeps delivering high quality work to new listings in GTA every day.

Houssmax photographers use high-end full frame DSLR camera with wide angle lens, and many other cutting edge equipments to obtain the best captures and footages.

Twilight Photography

capture the golden moment for your listings

Twilight photography plays the magic to combine a stunning sunset, the warm glow of light from windows, and of course the absence of shadows from the sun, together to create an appealing irresistible image. It’s definitely worth waiting for just the right light.

Aerial Photography

new angle of your property and landscape

Drone photography has become the mainstream widely accepted by more and more agents for their listings. It showcases the entire property features including not only landscaping, acreage, yards and land, but also some parts that are difficult to reach out by regular cameras. It also compliments the interior video/photos to provide a complete experience of a property, like a drone footage of a lovely neighbourhood, walking paths, schools, parks, etc. Most importantly, online listings with an aerial photography/videography highlight gain more views than others.

Why you need HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) Photography

more attractive

We all know a real estate still photo looks better if it's in brighter tone, but in some conditions, the still photo may lose the detail of those bright parts, such as the view outside the window in a sunny day. A HDR photo combines multiple still photos with different exposures. It enhances the illumination to reflect what we can see in our eyes. It brightens the dark shade and also improves the bright lights.

professional real estate photos

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