Real Estate Photography

Why you need HDR Photos

Still Photos Are Suggested forHDR Photos Are Suggested for
1. Properties' interior are very bright;
2. Properties with unpleasant views;
3. Shooting in a cloudy or rainy day;
4. Shooting in late afternoon (Around 1 hour before sunset);
1. Properties' interior are dark;
2. Properties with great views;
3. Shooting in a sunny day;
4. Properties' windows face to sunshine;

Both Still Photo and HDR Photo are good options for real estate. It will be upon the conditions and your selling strategy. You should make your own choice and we do not force you spend more with us.

What's A Good Real Estate Still Photo?

A professional real estate still photo should :

  • 1. not be seen the flash light effect in the photo;
  • 2. be taken by a wide angle lens;
  • 3. be vertically straight;
  • 4. showcase both bright and shade;

Compare :

Why upgrade to HDR (High-Dynamic-Range) Photo?

We all know a real estate still photo looks better if it's in brighter tone, but in some conditions, the still photo may lose the detail of those bright parts, such as the view outside the window in a sunny day. A HDR photo combines multiple still photos with different exposures. It enhances the illumination to reflect what we can see in our eyes. It brightens the dark shade and also improves the bright lights. If it is a great property and/or with great view, we recommend you try HDR photo because it will make the scene much more attractive.

Compare Still Photo and HDR Photo :